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About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Anya and I want to welcome you to my website! First, let me tell you a little bit about myself.


I live in Richmond, Virginia and am currently a senior in high school. I love to dance and am at the studio about 10 hours a week. I also play piano which i've been doing for about 9 years now. My family and I absolutely love to travel! We've experienced everything from living with an indigenous Peruvian family to climbing the Great Wall of China and hope to make more memories in the future.


​I began this website because I wanted to document my travel experiences and bring awareness to important world issues. I love being able to maintain a positive online presence and create a kind of permanent journal.

Over the past few years, my blog has transformed from a travel blog to one that brings awareness to issues such a extreme poverty, sexism, and climate change as well as documenting some of my own experiences volunteering with an organization aimed at stopping child trafficking and attempting to go vegan. Please contact me if you want a specific topic to be addressed and I'd be happy to do so!


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